Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been wanting to do an etsy/blog update but to be honest the new stuff I made was sold faster then I could even take photos of them. It's ok since I made over $100 in sales in two days. I'm commissioned to do more stuff, so I guess any free time I have will be designing these new pieces which of course I can't post on etsy. I will however try to take photos of them, so I can at least share here. All of them are rings. I have been handing out cards and getting new clients as well. If I have any free time tomorrow (which is highly doubtful) I want to try to make it out to some bead shops to see what I can find for these new rings I need to make. If I can't find anything, there is always the internet but I'd much rather find them at the shops so I can know exactly what I'm buying.

This is my update for now. I need someone to model my jewelry, since no one here can take a photo to save their life. I can't model my own stuff AND take photos.


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