Friday, March 6, 2009

Feeling creative

Although I should sleep since I really haven't in the past 35 hours, I want to create something. I'm not sure what yet. I have a few ideas of things to make but lack the supplies. Maybe tomorrow after meeting with a few clients I can run to Micheals or Hobby Lobby and pick up what I need. It's not jewelry. I feel like painting and being creative that way. I design gothy style wooden boxes for jewelry, perfumes etc. I made one to store my growing collection of Bpal. Perhaps I will fix it up (because it's gone though some rough times) and post a photo of it here. Maybe I can add that to etsy. Would be a nice place to store small items.

I think I will have to take a small nap before trying to do anything creative. Lack of sleep is making me feel sick.

Until later ....


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